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A Guide to the Best Gay Bathhouses and Saunas

Gay bathhouses and steam rooms have become widely popular in many cities since the 1980’s. A gay bathhouse, a gay sauna or a gay spa is a facility for men to meet other men. Many of these bathhouses include lockers, pools, hotel rooms, Jacuzzi tubs and several steam rooms. The customers pay a membership fee for use of the facility. Gay bathhouses and steam rooms act as a safe haven for men to meet other men without feeling judged.

San Francisco has always been know to be one of the most gay friendly cities in the Country. One of the cities most popular facilities is Blow Buddies in Soma. This spa boasts are large heated outdoor area, group areas that include mazes, video booths and glory holes. Close to Blow Buddies is Eros Club, which is an 18 and older bathhouse. They have large steam and sauna rooms, a playroom with slings, showers and a lounge. Both bathhouses frequently throw parties for “gay pride day.”

Los Angeles, California is big on the exhibitionism scene with the gay community. Los Angeles has more gay saunas and bathhouses than any other city in the United States. Melrose Spa is a great place to visit with a wide variety of men to choose from. They offer a full locker room and sauna amenities. Flex House is a popular place to go off Melrose and is also located in Phoenix, Atlanta and Cleveland. It is especially popular with the leather fetish crowd. North Hollywood Spa is known for it’s huge outdoor sunning area. They also provide around the clock food with a friendly staff.

Flex Cleveland is a restored art deco building from the late 30’s. It is one of the world’s largest facilities that cater to the gay bathhouse culture. This is a well respected all-male, 24 hour spa. Men travel from all over the Midwest to meet at this Cleveland facility. Flex has a workout center, indoor and outdoor pools and a bar that also serves food. This spa has trendy decorated hotel rooms for you to enjoy the utmost in privacy. Flex offers several types of memberships as well as daily fees for day visitors only. Flex Cleveland is part of Flex Spas which owns several facilities in Los Angeles, Atlanta and Phoenix.

Chicago, Illinois is also a great hot spot for men looking to hook up. There you will find Steamworks, which is one of the most popular gay bathhouses in the United States. It is in a great location, next to handfuls of gay bars and clubs. Steamworks is unlike many of these bathhouses you have seen before. They have mouthwash drinking fountains, and vending machine douche hoses. You can also find a Steamworks in Toronto, Berkeley, Vancouver and Seattle. Out of the three bathhouses that Vancouver has to offer, F212 Steam Vancouver is the best. It is in a prime location, near several gay bars and a quick walk to gay-friendly hotels. This bathhouse prides themselves on their diverse clientele. There are private rooms, a 12-man hot tub, a pair of steam rooms as well as a quiet cozy lounge.

Austin, Texas has become a very accepting city for gay men. They only have one bathhouse, but it’s very popular. Midtowne Spa is one of the largest gay bathhouse chains that also operate in Dallas, Denver, Hollywood, Wilmington, Houston and Milwaukee. At Midtowne you will notice a diverse crowd in age and background. Students that attend the University of Texas have been known to frequent the spa. This is a 24 hour 7 day a week club that is very reasonably priced. You can pay only $14 for a locker to $51 for a hotel suite. Denver, Colorado has become a growing gay community. There are dozens of gay bars and a few places for men to hook up. Midtowne Spa as mentioned earlier, is one of their most popular. Not only do they provide the same amenities as the other Midtowne bathhouses, they also do several live shows per week. Many people come to this spa to participate in the themed events like military specials, leather nights and twink nights. They are also popular for their jail cell, dungeon and other private rooms.

The Sweatbox Gym and Sauna in Soho, London is a 24 hour gay gym, sauna and male to male massage. They provide a 40-man steam room, a 14-man Jacuzzi and private cabins. You can even get a massage at their spa by some of the best looking men in the world. This is a 24-hour bathhouse that is very popular with not only locals but tourists as well. Saunabar Portsea in Arch, London is a discreet bathhouse that includes a steam room and a bar that offers refreshments. It is well known for offering professionally qualified masseur services to its clients. Chariots-Vauxhall in Albert Embankment, London is the most popular of the bathhouses, especially on the weekends. With over 500 lockers, two 30-man saunas and two 20-man steam rooms it would be impossible not to meet the man of your dreams.

Now that it has become more accepting of gay men, the community aspect of bathhouses and steam rooms has lessened in most areas. Many are conveniently open 24 hours and seven days a week. Many men who don’t consider themselves homosexual, still visit these facilities. Some men use the baths as a cheaper option instead of paying for a hotel. If you chose to rent a room, known etiquette is to leave your room door open to that others know you are available. At a gay bathhouse you can not only have fun with other men but make long-lasting friendships or relationships.

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