No.11 Sauna – Dundee, Scotland, UK

No.11 Sauna – Dundee, Scotland, UK

No.11 Sauna is a gay sauna in Dundee, Scotland, UK. Amenities include private rest rooms, internet lounge, cruising areas, play room, steam room, sauna and solarium. Tea, coffee, soft drinks and snacks are available.


  • 11 Princes St, Dundee DD4 6BY, United Kingdom.


  • 01382 451986.


  • Monday: 12 pm (noon) – 6 pm,
  • Tuesday: 12 pm (noon) – 8 pm,
  • Wednesday: 12 pm (noon) – 10 pm,
  • Thursday: 12 pm (noon) – 10 pm,
  • Friday: 12 pm (noon) – 10 pm,
  • Saturday: 12 pm (noon) – 10 pm,
  • Sunday: 12 pm (noon) – 10 pm.





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One Response to "No.11 Sauna – Dundee, Scotland, UK"

  1. Customer A   September 24, 2017 at 5:37 pm

    The 20 year old guy,or whatever age he is who’s working today has an issue for being “polite” in general to customers.10 minutes after I paid my £13 entry I noticed that the Steam room was out of order,So I said: Excuse me , So I said: Excuse Me ( oh ,I’ve already said it the first time), the Steam room is out of order, shouldn’t you put a notice to say so where people can see before they parted with their £13.? Don’t blame me its not my fault the steam room is not working,you want your money back,he offered.
    I maintained my stance that it was not the issue.
    Anyway,my point is that employing somebody who doesnt even know the basic duties of their job, should stay at home. When I mentioned that there was no toilet roll in their toilet, he obligingly brought 1 in, 2 hours later. Empty bucket in the sauna..! My advise to the manager is,replace him with somebody else who knows their work duties.


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